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Bike Project

Our project to recycle bikes that have been donated to us.

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It really doesn’t have to be expensive or painful to enjoy better physical & mental health. Our vision with our bike project is to support, empower and enable local people – particularly young people and vulnerable people in our community - to build their own bike from scratch using the frames, parts and tools donated to us. 

We expect this to take some 2-4 months of working a few hours a week and we know building your own bike has a really positive impact on emotional and physical wellbeing and more information can be found in our leaflet.

Young people tell us mental health is one of the biggest issues facing them and their friends; as well as the stigma faced by those dealing with emotional issues.  We believe this project allows us all to improve our mental and physical health and address negative stigma.

Enjoy fixing & repairing things? and want to help the local community? Why not volunteer with the YMCA Recycle project?  

For more information on our ReCycle project, please call 01892 542209 or email