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Supported housing at Ryder House and affordable housing at Quaker Meeting House. Safe, welcoming and supportive housing for young people aged 16+.

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Ryder House provides safe, welcoming, supportive housing for 37 young people aged 16+ in high quality furnished flats in central Tunbridge Wells.  Most young residents would be homeless if it was not for our housing PLUS support. 

Our professional team of dedicated YMCA Housing Support Workers help each resident address issues or problems, develop vital personal, social & life skills; look for training, secure work and/or meaningful volunteer opportunities; and gain self-confidence & skills to live independently and take their place as a valued member of our wider community.  In some cases residents are able to re-integrate into the family home but on a more appropriate adult-adult footing. 

For residents, Ryder House is more than a flat or even a home.  They actively engage in decision-making, run residents’ meetings & youth inclusion activities; raising funds for special projects & awareness of the needs of other young people in Kent.  All young people in YMCA West Kent can do projects to gain personal skills, team work experience & personal development.

For more information about YMCA Ryder House, contact our Housing Support team on 01892 518505 or email

YMCA RYDER HOUSE - how to apply or refer someone for Supported Housing 

Aged 16–18, please contact: KCC Children's social services: call 03000 411111 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm) or 03000 419191 (outside working hours & ask for duty team)

Aged 18+, please contact: KCC Adult social services & health: call 03000 416161 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm) or 03000 419191 (outside working hours & ask for duty team)

For Social Services outside Kent, or any Borough Councils wanting to refer young people aged 16-26 to YMCA Ryder House please:
Download and print this form, complete & email it to  

YMCA AFFORDABLE HOUSING - there is a lack of affordable housing - for young people in particular - to move on to.

We are delighted to have 9 affordable flats near Ryder House - thanks to Habitat for Humanity, The West Kent Quakers and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.  Contact us to find out more about our affordable housing in the Quaker Meeting House on 01892 518505 or email